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On April 17th, 2021 we launched the fifth edition of Internet Safety for Kids and with that celebrate 15 years of raising cybersecurity awareness for children, parents, and teachers. What started as a small group of volunteers speaking about cyber security at schools, at events, at sports clubs etc., is now an international platform in several languages available for everyone. We are supported by a growing group of parents, by teachers, and most of all by smart children who make sure that the content we create is understandable.

Internet Safety for Kids is made for children and for parents, and the purpose is to learn to understand cyber security, to know how to use the internet in a responsible way, and still encourage children to explore and be curious and learn new things. And the best way to do that is to learn together, and that is what Internet Safety for Kids is all about.

Learning together! Learn how to use the internet and all the wonderful things it can offer in a safe and responsible manner. We are very proud of Internet Safety for Kids and we are very proud that with this fifth edition, we will launch 20 videos. Once per week starting on April 17th, 2021. Very important topics and all these videos will be available in English, German, and Dutch. We are already looking at opportunities to make it available in other languages as well in the future.

Internet Safety for Kids is made by parents, made by teachers, and supported by children. That is why we make it, so we can make sure that we can all use the internet in a safe way. Internet Safety for Kids. 20 videos, 20 weeks. Child friendly and the purpose is that parents, children, and teachers watch this together.

Visit Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag for more information.

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Internet Safety for Kids is developed by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, Kaya Hoschek, and an international team of smart kids, parents, and teachers.

Together we share the goal to raise cybersecurity awareness for children, parents and teachers.

Join us in making the internet safer for kids. With education and support.

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